Digital Resume

London, Ontario, N6E 2P1
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To research, analyze, inform and support professionals where I can make a valuable and positive contribution to people, organizations and the environment.


Bringing a mix of both practical and theoretical knowledge attained through education and work experience:

  • Adept at writing convincing reports for various audiences and stakeholders
  • Proven leadership in an academic setting
  • Able to work independently and as part of a team to efficiently achieve or exceed project goals and objectives
  • Effective interpersonal and communication skills with the ability to write and present information in many settings
  • Technical expertise with specialized software such as GIS and S-Plus as well as Microsoft Office, e-mail and internet browsing tools
  • Knowledge of various research methods, both qualitative and quantitative
  • Effectively analyze trends using statistical tools and theory
  • Passionate about applying refined skills and experience toward perpetual self-development and intellectual growth.



  • Published a thesis on “Understanding Commuting Decisions: A Case Study of Students and Staff at McMaster University” which informed recommendations intended to encourage alternate transportation choices that would ultimately save time and money.
  • Composed and published relevant and reliable research papers to demonstrate an understanding of subject matter and add to the body of research.
  • Engaged with enthusiasm and on own initiative to assume management responsibilities, educated and trained staff to improve their own performance, therefore setting a standard of operations and example for others resulting in positive feedback and recognition for dedication and hard work.
  • Collaborated with colleagues and drew from collective knowledge, perspective, feedback, and shared information on individual research projects, creating synergies, establishing self as open to feedback and genuine, non-competitive opinions, and producing better research in our field of study.
  • Presented projects, reports, and results using professionalism and organization skills to impart information to a broad audience in an effective manner.
  • Led undergraduate students to understand and apply technical subject matter to help motivate them to continue their studies, and have a deeper and richer understanding of the subject as well as how to apply the concepts to other subjects or disciplines on their own.



Holland Imports, Burnaby, BC                                2009
Office Assistant

Metalsmiths Accessories, Hamilton, ON              2007 – 2008
Retail Sales Associate

McMaster University, Hamilton, ON                    2006 – 2007
Undergraduate Teaching Assistant

Pam’s Coffee and Tea Co., Hamilton, ON             2005



• M.A., Geography, McMaster University, Hamilton, ON                      2008
• Hons. B.A., Geography, McMaster University, Hamilton, ON            2005


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